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Stop Me if Any of This Sounds Familiar...

  • You have an awesome idea for a fabric line but you can't find what you want anywhere.
  • You are a maker and creator and dream of designing fabric to make your own quilts and clothing.
  • You have lots of artwork but need help getting it in the correct format for it to be made into fabric.
  • You want to ask someone in the fabric industry how to get your artwork in front of fabric companies but you don't know who to ask.

Introducing Fabric Design Academy

The only thing I had starting out that you may not have was a design education and working knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator. I didn't know anybody in the industry, and I certainly didn't understand the correct way to put together a fabric collection.

Fabric Design Academy is a three week course that will help YOU gain the skills that you need to be a fabric designer.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced designer, you will find the material refreshing and applicable to building your own portfolio. In this class we build an entire fabric collection together. I show you how to get your artwork from hand drawn sketches into Illustrator as well as designing directly into Illustrator. 

Meet your instructor: Carina Gardner

I have a Ph.D. in Design from the University of Minnesota. I taught college for 5 years. I have been the Creative Director of a scrapbooking company, had my own dishware lines in stores, and a collection of sewing patterns in worldwide distribution. I am a fabric designer for Riley Blake, paper designer for Silhouette, and own a baby & kid boutique with our own unique illustrations (MiniLou). 

I'm here to help you learn to be your own unique and capable designer!

Course registration is always open

This course is 3 weeks long. You will receive the ENTIRE course at one time so you can gauge your time. You can also take this class WHENEVER you want. 


Adobe Illustrator (not included in class price).  


For a short time, when you sign up, you will receive this bonus pdf: Getting in Front of Fabric Companies! Sign up soon to get this amazing free guide with instructions on submitting your collections and what you can do to really make yourself desirable to fabric companies!

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Includes 3 weeks of video, notes, lessons, and bonus lessons


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Immediate Access to the course

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Immediate Access to the course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Totally fine! This course is available for purchase anytime and is always updated. You will have access to it for the lifetime of the website just like everyone else! 

This course is now available for registration all the time. Look for LIVES which will usually occur once or twice a year.

I have taught some instructor-led courses on other platforms, but this is the first time I am creating a really simple platform to learn from. All the videos will be hosted on my platform, and you will be able to log in to a beautiful experience. You will able to click "finished" on lessons you are done with and track your own learning! I give you videos where you can see me talking even if you following along with my work on screen. I have made the course what I am designing day in and out. I hope you enjoy it!

Yes. Illustrator is a monthly subscription from Adobe. You will need to purchase it when the class begins. There is a month free trial with the software. Pricing may vary so check it out on the Adobe website, but usually it is about $20 a month. You can turn and turn off the software since it is a monthly subscription.

No. I WILL tell you how I got to be a fabric designer though and I WILL tell you what steps you need to take to send your artwork to fabric companies. I do not guarantee you will be a fabric designer when you finish the class. My goal is to help you find your own voice in your design work so you can get the opportunity to show your work.

This is meant to be a 3 week class but you can finish it sooner or slower depending on your time commitment!

This is still a great class for you! I'll talk in the Live Videos some of the options you have for printing and making stuff from your own fabric collections. Emails will be sent out when a live becomes available.


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